These are some questions we are frequently asked. If you have any additional questions about your custom order, please ask them with the message box at the bottom of this form!

How long does the custom design process take and how soon before my wedding should we begin working on custom stationery?

The custom design process can take as little as a few weeks on a rush timeline and as much as several months. Different printing methods have different lead times and calligraphy, since it is done one-by-one takes a bit of time to complete. A good rule of thumb is to begin working on your custom stationery about 8-12 months before your wedding, if you’re sending save-the-dates and about 6 months before your wedding, if you’re not.

How long does the semi-custom (RGS Collection) process take?

Roughly 3 weeks, depending on print style and orders can possibly be rush printed, if needed. Each listing will specify its lead time— and please reach out to see if we can accommodate your needs if they’re sooner than specified.

When should I purchase stamps?

We always, always, always recommend waiting until you have your printed invitations in hand, and take a complete suite to your USPS to have them weigh and verify the stamps you will need to purchase – invitations often require the 2oz or 3oz weight, depending on size, weight and components.

What is the difference between flat, flat metallic foil, letterpress & thermography printing?

Flat (also called Digital) Printing is a print method similar to a personal home printer where ink is printed right on the paper. Of course, we partner with high-quality printers so the end result is much more crisp, vibrant and beautiful. There is no indentations or raised printing of any kind, and the ink lays flat on the page.

Flat metallic printing is a print method where a shimmery metallic ink is printed flat on paper. There is no mirror-like reflection (like there is in foil printing), and the ink is flat on the page (no indentation or raised printing). The result is a beautiful, crisp, shimmery metallic ink that pops off the page.

Foil printing is the application of metallic foil using a heated die. The final artwork design is turned into a printing plate and then that plate “stamps” the design on each sheet, leaving only the design in foil on the paper. Foil printing is slightly indented on each sheet and very shiny, with a mirror-like finish. Some foils are also available in a matte finish where it shines but will not reflect.

Letterpress printing is created using similar methods as foil printing; the design is turned into a printing plate and that plate is pressed onto each sheet with ink to create an indented design (called a ‘bite’) on each sheet. Letterpress printing  is very indented on each sheet and that indentation can be seen and felt with your fingertips.

Thermography or raised printing is created using tiny, fine colored powders that are embossed on each page. The raised printing can be seen and felt with your fingertips.

To see images and samples of all print styles and processes, click here.


Does the pricing of different print styles differ?

Yes, greatly. Flat/Digital printing is the most cost-effective. Foil printing is about 4 times the price of flat printing and letterpress is about the same, but a tiny bit cheaper.

When do I mail out my save-the-dates?

Four to twelve months before your wedding day. Keep in mind, your calligrapher may need several weeks to address your envelopes, so be sure to build this time into your estimated mail-out date.

When do I mail out my invitations?

Six to eight weeks before your wedding.

Will I see proofs before my suite is fully printed?

Absolutely! You will receive up to two rounds of minor edits on your RGS Collection suites. Custom suites, you have 3 rounds of edits to make any changes that you see fit and, if you need more rounds of edits, you will be billed for an additional $50 per round. Your proofs will always be clearly marked to indicate what number edit we are on.

Can I rush my order?

In short, probably! Rush fees of up to 50% may apply depending on how quickly you will need your stationery in your hands. Please send an email for any rushed needs before purchasing so we can verify!

Are envelopes provided?

Yes, unless otherwise specified.

I’d love to add-on wax sticker seals. May I?


I’d love to add on ribbons or twine. May I?


Do you hand-letter or hand-paint each invitation?

This question comes up a lot! Guest addresses in calligraphy or brush lettering on envelopes are done one-at-a-time, by hand. Your invitations with hand-lettering or watercolor patterns will most likely be painted one time, scanned, and then turned into digital artwork which is then printed in the medium you chose. So, each envelope will be touched with a pen and ink, but each envelope liner or invitation will be mass produced!

Do you print the stationery in-house?

RGS partners with handpicked printers & vendors to provide impeccably produced and well-crafted stationery in larger quantities. Some guest addresses and smaller quantity orders are produced in-house!

Will RGS assemble my suites for me?

Sure! We offer white-glove assembly for an upcharge. You will receive your assembled and stamped suites, unsealed for you to verify contents, seal and mail out!

Will RGS address my envelopes for me?

Yes. Your guest’s names can be printed or lettered (in calligraphy) in just about any color you can imagine. We offer printing in any solid color or white; no metallic printing of variable guest names. We can calligraphy in any solid color or metallic color. Darker colored envelopes will limit the options for calligraphy or printing as some ink colors are not opaque. If you have something specific in mind, please ask using the contact form.

I’m not local to Cleveland. Can we have a FaceTime or phone consultation?

Yes! Please fill out the contact form and we can get started on the details and selecting a time to chat!

I love a certain RGS Collection suite, but I would like to see it in a different color combo before ordering. May I do that?

Absolutely – please just ask and we can provide a digital mock-up for you to see in your colors.