Flat (also called Digital) Printing is a print method similar to a personal home printer where ink is printed right on the paper. Of course, we partner with high-quality printers so the end result is much more crisp, vibrant and beautiful. There is no indentations or raised printing of any kind, and the ink lays flat on the page. Flat printing is the most cost-effective route of printing.














Flat metallic printing is a print method where a shimmery metallic ink is printed flat on paper. There is no mirror-like reflection (like there is in foil printing), and the ink is flat on the page (no indentation or raised printing). The result is a beautiful, crisp, shimmery metallic ink that pops off the page. Flat metallic printing is slightly more costly than flat printing, but much more cost-effective than foil printing.













Foil printing is the application of metallic foil using a heated die. The final artwork design is turned into a printing plate and then that plate “stamps” the design on each sheet, leaving only the design in foil on the paper. Foil printing is slightly indented on each sheet and very shiny, with a mirror-like finish. Some foils are also available in a matte finish where it shines but will not reflect.













Letterpress printing is created using similar methods as foil printing; the design is turned into a printing plate and that plate is pressed onto each sheet with ink to create an indented design (called a ‘bite’) on each sheet. Letterpress printing  is very indented on each sheet and that indentation can be seen and felt with your fingertips.














Thermography or raised printing is created using tiny, fine colored powders that are embossed on each page. The raised printing can be seen and felt with your fingertips.

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Edge painting is quite self-explanatory: it is a printing process that means paint is applied to the edge of the card. In order to edge paint, you’ll need to select a double-thick card so the color can be seen and so it is strong enough to handle the painting process. Edge painting can be done in just about any solid or metallic color. Edges can also be foiled!!













Edge painting in ginger                                    Edge painting in periwinkle                           Edge painting in lemon yellow