rose gold is a precious metal, just a tad more unique than its counterparts, yellow & white. it's valuable, highly-sought after, timeless and natural.

meet deanna

a little background

Hello! I am Deanna Rose Sukalac and Rose Gold Studio is the curated home to my designer’s brain. Having a designer’s brain, by trade, means having a knack for a visually pleasing aesthetic, and creating products that ooze this quality. Having a designer’s brain in all other areas of life means a well-designed home, beautifully plated meals, an organized pantry showcasing lined up canisters and a toothbrush that matches the bathroom color scheme. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients of all sorts, and love being a niche designer that can fill the needs of various project types. Most notably working with engaged couples to create their dream wedding stationery, I also love expanding beyond weddings to personal events, branding, and business stationery. 

Rose Gold Studio is available for hire for collaborating, concepting, designing, calligraphing, curating and styling. 

After earning her BFA in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University, Deanna immediately began work at a small design & manufacturing company in downtown Cleveland. Being one of a staff of ten employees, Deanna’s hands were involved in projects from the conception point to the final production and all the phases in between. She earned a vast knowledge of the design process in a professional setting— working with both clients & vendors and ironing out issues. Just after five years of employment, Deanna felt the urge to turn her efforts to a solo design practice. In July of 2012, Rose Gold Studio was born.  Why "rose gold"? Deanna’s middle name ‘Rose’ is shared with her all-time favorite lady, her late grandmother Rose Ann. And, why not? 

Deanna resides in the country outskirts of Cleveland’s East side on a 3.5 acre homestead appropriately dubbed ‘Chartreuse Acres’ with her computer engineer/ artisan - breadmaking husband, Eric, their sons, Jude & Malachi, and their dogs, Oliver & Rex. Chartreuse is Deanna’s favorite color, and ‘Chartreuse Acres’ a spin off of the premise of ‘Green Acres’ – city girl meets country boy, falls in love, and is dragged out of her glamorous lifestyle to reside on a giant plot of land in the middle of nowhere. The only difference is— deep-down, Deanna loves it, despite how out-of-place even her neutrals (leopard print, gold sequins) may seem.

meet shayla

Hi there! I'm Claire Aldan. I'm a mom of two turbo-speed boys (their words), and I have accurately been the dubbed my "Household CPA" (chief purchasing agent) by my actual CPA husband. From the moment I could hold a crayon, I've been drawn to experimenting with colors, textures, prints, and patterns. In addition to creative pursuits, I hold a doctorate degree of physical therapy and practice in the acute care setting. I offer a well-rounded blend of artistry and analytic expertise to Rose Gold Studio. RGS is my right-brained escape into the world of design. I love that I can fuse my passion for aesthetics with my professional insights to help deliver bespoke stationery that's unique to every client we work with!

meet claire

Hi! I'm Shayla Lamport, and I'm thrilled to merge my retail expertise and love of fashion with the world of personalized event stationery at Rose Gold Studio. With a degree in fashion merchandising & marketing and years working as a visual merchandiser, I've fine-tuned the art of presentation. I'm a wife & boy mom, that has found a creative outlet at RGS after embracing motherhood. My experience has cultivated an eye for all things aesthetically pleasing, and an affinity for a clean neutral palette. I'm excited to bring fresh inspiration to our clients' projects and create products that capture their unique style!

our studio's mission is not only to provide you with the absolute best paper, art, and products of your dreams, but to also provide a luxury stationery experience for each of our clients.