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specialty paper

additional cards

hosting a welcome dinner or Brunch? Need a custom map of your wedding event desTinations? we've got you covered! 

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Touch and Feel all of our Paper options IRL! Includes samples of colors, weights and materials, digital, letterpress, and foil printing. 

the value of your sample pack order can be applied to your RGS collection order.

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outer + inner envelopes

Some reasons brides choose both:

  • Your wedding is formal. If your wedding is black tie, classic, or just all-around formal, you may choose both sets of envelopes to abide by traditional wedding etiquette.

  • Clear instruction on who is invited, or not invited. The outer envelope might read "The Smiths," while the inner envelope indicates "Tony and Megan."  If the family's children are not invited, their names are left off.

  • You want a wax seal for envelope closure. While you can put the wax seal on an outer envelope, this puts your envelope at risk of damage in the mail. We usually recommend an outer envelope in this case to keep your suite looking perfect when guests receive it.  

make it a double

details coming soon!

04 / STyle


03 / dot calligraphy? spot calligraphy?

details coming soon!

02 / painted

color details coming soon.

01 /  inks



make a lasting first impression on your guest with a beautifully addressed envelope or escort card.

binding + bands + wraps + clips

clip! clip! clip!

specialty paper

rose gold studio's

let's talk

we also offer printing or lettering on a variety of handmade paper options (pulp, uneven grain..), canvases, wood sheets, and acrylic. Let's talk about your vision more! Include your ideas when filling out our initial inquiry form!


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As implied by the name, double thick cardstock paper, is made up of two sheets of card stock pasted together, making it doubly thick. It's another great option for letterpress and foil, or to upgrade your digitally printed cards!

double thick

order a sample to feel it

elevate your suite with cotton paper. It is soft and subtly textured to highlight a letterpress or foil stamped impression. Choose from 1-ply, 2-ply and "white party" or "the bride's dress" shades of white.

luxe paper


printing options

rose gold studio's

metallic or holographic foil is heat pressed into your cards, creating a precious metal-like indented impression.

foil press




digital printing


a printing plate is pressed onto each sheet with ink to create an indented design that can be seen and felt with the fingertips.

our standard selection. (aka 'flat printing.")
we partner with high-quality printers for crisp, vibrant and beautifully printed designs.

custom artwork

pets, skylines, florals, abstract, painted edges, gilding. The possibilities are endless!