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Jan 23

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Malachi is one month old! Technically one month and 5 days.Malachi · one month 2 | ROSEMalachi · one month | ROSE GOLD STUDIO

We call him Mellowchi because he’s so relaxed and easygoing. Sometimes we call him Mr. Chunkerton because he’s in the 97th percentile in both height and weight at almost 12 pounds and 23″ (Up from 8lb8oz and 21″ at birth). He’s holding his own head, looking side to side and pushes up to an almost full upward-facing dog during tummy time. He loves to be close to mama while being worn in the ring sling and sleeps most of the night. So far, he’s only 100% polar opposite of Jude, except he’s just as cute. His jaundice issues are all cleared after an unpleasant first two weeks of life battling high bilirubin, peaking at a whopping level 25. Between nearly 48 hours of being under the lights at the hospital and spending another week in a Biliblanket in our home, his levels finally came down to a tolerable range and we are setting into our new routine as a family of four, loving each moment.



Weight: 11 lb 10 oz

Height: 1′ 11″ (23″)

Clothing Size: snugly fitting into 0-3month, comfortably fitting into 3-6 month

Loves: afternoon naps, forehead kisses from big brother, snuggling on Dada’s chest, giving pensive looks

Dislikes: the hours 9pm-11pm; those are designated fuss times where he can only be soothed by nursing and being held.

Eating: Mama’s milk

Saying: baby coos, cries and grunts

Doing: holding his own head, turning it side to side, sleeping, enjoying life

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