malachi’s baptism

Feb 16

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Malachi was baptized this past weekend at our church, surrounded by our family & some of our closest friends along with the church community we have gotten to know a little bit better week by week. It was a beautiful ceremony followed by a delicious brunch at one of our favorite spots, The Welshfield Inn. We narrowed down their impressive brunch menu to five options— eggs-to-order, crabcake eggs benedict, shrimp & grits, stuffed french toast or sausage gravy & biscuits and celebrated, of course, with flowing mimosas. I whipped up the circle-cut customized menus with our selections to personalize it a bit. It was such a special day for our tiniest man. We especially thank Laura and Jim for committing to a lifetime of guidance as Godparents to our little Malachi.

{dressed and ready}

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