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Feb 23

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Malachi is two months old!

Malachi · two months | ROSE GOLD STUDIOMalachi · two months -3 | ROSE GOLD STUDIO

Malachi · two months - 2 | ROSE GOLD STUDIO

He’s a tiny giant (95th percentile in both height + weight) who is the perfect calm to offset our otherwise upbeat family. He can be found giggling for no reason at all, or pensively contemplating. He is Jude’s favorite ‘toy’. Malachi is still keen on his sleep – waking once, maybe twice per night and would sleep in all morning, if Jude didn’t wake him with forehead kisses and “Ohhhhh Hiiiiiii, baby!” greetings each day. Chi loves to hang out – preferably while being held, wearing only his diaper. His thigh rolls rival those of the Michelin Man and his cheeks need their own zip code. We love our chubby little guy. 



Weight: 14 lb – up from 8lb 8 oz at birth, gained just over 2 lb in the last month

Height: 24″ up one inch in the last month

Clothing Size: snuggly fitting 3-6 mo, some 9 and even 12 mo

Loves: snuggling, being held & worn, sleeping, laughing at light fixtures, when mama sings

Dislikes: barking dogs, wet diapers, 7pm

Eating: mama’s milk

Saying: coos & cries

Doing: looking all over, cooing, laughing in response to smiley faces

Gear we’re loving:

Still loving our Sakura Bloom Ring Sling (although we are sporting a new, beautiful color – Bluegrass). It’s a daily staple for naptime and extra snuggly closeness, and we still love our Aden + Anais Dream Blanket (shown in photo)- the perfect size and oh-so-soft. In addition, we cannot live without TL Care Organic Breast Pads. Mama is facing a raging oversupply. These help not ruin every shirt. All our other essentials for nursing mamas are being loved this month, as well. We purchased the rumble seat for our Uppababy Vista stroller base, so mama can snap Chi’s carseat in and still have a seat for Jude – making errand-running and grocery shopping so much easier with two littles. Jude is loving his new scenic views.






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